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update! Jun. 17th, 2004 @ 05:34 am
Just to let everyone know, s3xyg33k is still going to happen.

I've gotten real busy with a job (which is good since it'll help pay for the site and all!) and don't have much computer time right now. I'm going to be getting a laptop that'll let me do some of this at work during the many, many slow points, and we'll get it up soon!

I'm going to have to talk to the people who wanted to model, since no one has contacted me about it except for Jolene. Need models to have a sexy site!

If anyone wants to apply, please please do. :)

That's it for now.. check back for more news soon.

Just in Case You Don't Get the Email: Apr. 22nd, 2004 @ 08:31 am
Hello local models and photographers, or those interested in being such.

I would like to set up a meeting between us all, so that we can meet each other, talk, and get some promotional shots done for the website.

Lilith is in town for a week starting Friday I believe. I was hoping that on Sunday at some point we could get together. However we can also get together during the week if that is preferrable.

I am thinking that we should meet at a coffee shop, perhaps (email for place!). Though if the weather is nice, we may want to head outside for some pictures.

Please reply and let me know whether you are available on Sunday (afternoon or evening) or if sometime through the week is better for you. I'll go with when the majority of us can meet. If you have a suggestion for somewhere to meet up, please let me know as well. I'm open to suggestions.

Please respond by Friday night or Saturday morning letting me know if you are interested in meeting or not, and your availability. email: web@s3xyg33k.com



the legal battles are weighing on me Apr. 21st, 2004 @ 11:40 pm
So I got to thinking tonight that I need to find out about legal stuff, so the site doesn't get shut down and crazy stuff like that.

I'm not finding anything in the Canadian Criminal Code about adult websites. Child porn, public nudity, etc., yes... but no adult website laws.

I also need some contract templates or examples for model/site and photographer/site contracts, to avoid potential future legal problems, being sued for either posting pictures or not paying models or whatever. I dunno. But I need contracts.

I thought I'd found contracts for models on some of the sites I wanted to join, but I can't find them now.

Mom said she'd do the contract if she had some examples, and then we could talk to my aunt's lawyers or something, as she does books for adult stores, so needs adult-friendly lawyers.. and they can help out too... but I don't think it'll be cheap... I need at least some basis to it.

I also need copies of all models' IDs proving they are over 18, because if someone claims that a model is not and I don't have records on hand, I'm skrewed.

Terms of Service/Terms and Conditions/Terms of Use, we also need. Grah...

attn: local models and photographers Apr. 18th, 2004 @ 07:20 pm
Hey gang!

This upcoming Sunday, I'd like to have a gathering.. to talk about stuff, get things figured out and set up, and get some preliminary photos done for the site's promotion. Nothing naked.. but fun stuff anyway!

I'm thinking we'll do some dinner, hang out, chat, and take some pics. Probably at my place, unless anyone has any other suggestions.

Please email me (web @ s3xyg33k.com) to let me know whether you can come or not. That is, email me with a YES or a NO.

attn hotmail users Apr. 16th, 2004 @ 04:57 am
Any of the photographers or models (this is most of you, guys!!) who are using hotmail as their main way for me to contact them via email: it's not going through!! So please contact me with an alternate email.
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» hosting - temporarily gotten, and looking!
We now have temporary site hosting for s3xyg33k.com! Yaaay!

I'm looking into what the best adult hosting is, for price and such, and having this temporary hosting will let us get some stuff done while I'm looking into that, and hopefully drum up some revenue (ads, sponsors, donations, whatever) to help with the hosting costs.

Yay! I have the best friends. They just rock.

So keep checking www.s3xyg33k.com and when you see the site up - do a little dance!
» yay!
Thanks to an anonymous benefactor (namely, my mother - that was an interesting conversation!) - we have our domain!!

I've just registered it, so it should be done shortly.
» welcome to a photographer...
Imylthinle wants to be a photographer for the site! Yay!

This is getting cool, we just need to snatch the domain and start promoting to get models.
» layouts
The layout is one I like.. the colors are what I'm not sure about. I think I like the black better than the monochrome for a site with guys as well as girls. Figured I'd share them though.

Any color ideas or suggestions would be great.

The banners are just showing where they could go. The site will scroll down below this, so there will probably be updates or news blurbs between 'g33k of the week' and the banners.. but it's to give an idea of the layout I'm thinking of..

check 'em outCollapse )
» woooot
So far we have five confirmed models, with one waiting confirmation, and two maybes, and a bunch more to ask.

No remote models so far but I haven't advertised it yet so I'm not surprised. ;)

We now have our OFFICIAL FETISH G33K!! ROXORS!

I'm fooling around with layout colors.. will post a bunch and get opinions when I've got some more..
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